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Luxurious 2 & 3 BHK Apartments
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Another Landmark from India’s Prestigious Group

India's luxury real estate sector has climbed the ladder to become an investor favorite. Products in this niche segment are not only limited in terms of providing security and high returns to wealthy customers, but successfully deliver the promise of luxury, comfort, health, and wealth. The consequences of the pandemic have left a positive impression and the market outlook has changed. Today's critics do not hesitate to invest more in a luxury lifestyle that will secure them a desirable address in the best neighborhoods. So Prestige group launches Prestige Jeejamata Nagar Thane – 2, 3 BHK luxury residential project in Thane. The segment has seen phenomenal growth not only due to the necessary policy interventions in volatile times but mainly due to the rising aspirations of the affluent buyers in India.

The high traction of the luxury housing market has taken the segment on a high rise, which is well reflected in the industry news. According to data, this segment accounted for 10% of total sales in the previous quarter, up from 9%. HNIs and NRIs including dedicated industrialists, corporate aspirants, corporate executives, start-up founders, working professionals, and NRIs are actively buying luxury properties to take advantage of market cushions such as reduced stamp duty, low-interest rates, high disposable income, and favorable policies support, etc. The sentiments are growing and they are confident like never before in investing at Prestige Jeejamata Nagar Thane.

A survey by an International Realty firm said that more NRIs are proposing to purchase luxury properties in Prestige Jeejamata Nagar Thane, suggesting that the luxury residential market will strengthen in the next promising quarters. Political support, trust, transparency, credibility, and innovation in preferred buyers' markets are supporting sentiments. In recent years, the Indian real estate sector has strengthened its image as a customer or buyer-centric market. This has been possible due to the much-needed policy support and measures like RERA which make the market more transparent, profitable and reliable. Invest at Prestige Jeejamata Nagar Thane.

Wealthy customers in the luxury housing segment are engaging in high-value transactions, and with increasing transparency, investors and even fence-sitters are speeding up their decision-making processes for investing at Prestige Jeejamata Nagar Thane. Similarly, the housing sector is rapidly turning into a competitive opportunity during the pandemic. Early government support with the reduction in stamp duty, low-interest rates, and favorable tax policy acted as catalysts supporting the sector despite the downturn. The central bank's decision not to raise the repo rate was perfectly timed and made the sector more resilient to global pandemic shocks. India's key bank recently raised the repo rate to tackle inflation, but this will have little impact on luxury homebuyer sentiment.

Growing interest among NRIs and pandemic trends growing interested from NRIs are the biggest demand drivers in the Indian luxury housing market. Wanting a home among like-minded people in a luxurious environment like Prestige Jeejamata Nagar Thane, these wealthy buyers are willing to go the extra mile to invest in their dream properties that suit their luxury lifestyle. This group of influential buyers is well aware of global standards and wants similar facilities in their residential areas.

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Prestige Jeejamata Nagar location Map

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